The Queen West and West Queen West Business Improvement Association provided an ask for us to create the Wi-Fi sign on experience for the up and coming Queen West free public Wi-Fi. It is deemed the longest stretch of free Wi-Fi available in all of Canada, extending from Queen and Simcoe to Dufferin.

I led a team of four to propose concepts on how the Wi-Fi experience should be like, focusing on highlighting the immediacy and dynamism of Queen Street West, and leveraging data acquisition from user engagement to provide insightful information and up-to-date offers for visitors to the area.


The Ask

Design a strategic approach to a landing/authentication experience and promotions for the longest stretch of public Wi-Fi in Canada

The Consumer

Trendy local/tourist shopper of Queen West

Current Challenges


There is a lack of awareness of all that Queen St has to offer, beyond the focal points of the big box stores between Peter and Spadina. Events for shopping and experiencing the area are not well known. Unlike Locals, Tourists don’t know the area well and they may miss out.


Between the population of students and young professionals in the area, people don’t know where to start. The amount of choice is overwhelming and they’re unsure of all the interesting spots to get cheap drinks, watch the game, or find a quiet spot to work.


With the rise of e-commerce, bigger chains are thriving and harder growth for niche shops. In traditional ad buying, smaller shops get left in the dust because their budgets can’t compete with companies like the H&Ms and McDonalds of the world. Ads are expensive and its hard to see ROI.

Current Public Wi-Fi Authentication Experiences

  • Screens are cluttered with copy and CTAs

  • Loaded with ads that distract the user from being able to sign onto the wifi

  • It’s unclear what information will be taken from the user once they click on “connect”

  • Terms and Conditions are not outlined clearly

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.42.43 PM.png

This is Queen West

A time-based experience



It’s virtually impossible to know what’s going on in all the trendy shops and eateries of Queen West.



Let’s surface hidden gems, create personalized rewards and drive foot traffic by providing timely offers and events that connect you to what’s happening on Queen right now.


In A Queen West State Of Mind

Queen West isn’t just an address. What you might call a street, we know to be an attitude. Ever changing, perpetually up-and-coming, each corner is a canvas for self-expression. We believe it takes all kinds and we’re open to every one of them. We swear by chance encounters and split-second connections, interaction and inspiration. We’ll draw that same dynamic energy into our digital experience. Not only will people know what’s happening on Queen West, but Queen West will be more in tune with its people.

This is where culture thrives. This is Queen West.


Final Designs


Social Extensions


Currently Trending:

Live Tweets

  • Post your own Queen West adventure using #thisisqueenwest

  • We’ll capture content on Twitter

  • Live tweets appear on the BIA homepage

  • Potential to extend to other forms of social media

instagram tv.png

Queen West Unfiltered:

Instagram Takeover

  • Let’s do a week-long takeover of the Queen West BIA Instagram

  • We can partner with local businesses to share their Queen recommendations

  • Businesses will be able to share exclusive content with the public in real-time


Seeing Results

First, we’ll collect data and provide metrics for local businesses based on

  • User attributes, engagement and activity through clicks (into offer and event pages)

  • Offer redemption (based on how many promos export to e-mail)

  • Engagement through social media and retargeted communication

Next, we’ll help businesses determine what users like by

  • Parsing and distilling the data and metrics collected

  • Help business owners shape their content and offers going forward

Aspiring Outcomes


“I have a tool to get the most out of the neighbourhood, in the most accessible way possible.”


“I care about supporting my community and now I have a tool that inspires me to rediscover old favourites and discover hidden gems.”

Local Businesses

“I have a platform to grow my audience, compete with bigger names and get more customers.”